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Conditions will range from sunny to sleeting or snowing, and from -15 F to 40+ F. On very cold days it is critical to have no skin showing to prevent frost bite, and kids should have 3-4 layers under their ski pants and jacket. Here is a list of clothing your child will need:

  • performance long underwear (tops and bottoms) – two pair

  • half zip fleece – one or two

  • wool sweater (optional)

  • ski / snow pants or bib (or one piece snow suit)

  • ski jacket (NOTE: your child may desire a team jacket. This is not required.  Used jackets are available for sale each season. New jackets are ordered at the end of each winter for the following year.)

  • fleece pants or sweatpants as extra layer for very cold days

  • down sweater or other id-layer jacket to wear under main jacket or down vest extra top layer for very cold days

  • wool or performance socks

  • warm ski gloves and/or mittens

  • glove liners (optional)

  • some kids like glove warmer inserts and/or foot warmers (optional, can purchase at local ski shops or buy them online by the box)

  • face & neck protection - balacava and/or mask and/or turtle for. For very cold days the best is a balaclava with built-in mask. Kids can breathe while protecting the face. Individual kids have their own preferences

  • Boot gloves (optional) – neoprene covering for boots – some parents swear by these to keep feet warm

  • goggles

  • Other – sunscreen, chapstick

  • On any given day, parents should ensure their child has, and can find on their own in the hut:

  • Extra clothes, socks, balaclava as may be warranted by conditions (e.g., very wet, very cold)

  • SNACKS – kids are working their bodies out there and need some calories on breaks. Snacks vary - some kids bring granola bars, fruit, cheese, nuts, trail mix, sandwiches, instant noodles. NOTE: For kids bringing instant noodles, they need to be responsible to follow rules for cleaning their mug afterwards as will be posted in the hut

  • Water bottle – there are mugs in the hut and filtered water, but it will reduce dishes and dishwashing if kids and parents use water bottles for drinking water

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